Summer is just a sip away

Summer is all about sunshine, fun times and good food.

Reminisce and relive your favourite summer memories with a toast to loads of rest and relaxation. Run barefoot in the park, chase butterflies, and embrace the summer sky. Keep plans simple and free up time to enjoy the company of family and friends in the great outdoors.

And, whether you’re planning a summer picnic, a trip to the beach, or a BBQ with friends, make it unforgettable with Edenvale – Australia’s leading range of premium alcohol-removed wines.


Cheers to your summer plans

Summer is the season for getting outdoors and connecting with nature, whether it’s a day at the beach, a relaxed afternoon in the park, or a leisurely hike. There’s lots of exploring to be done, so get out into your own neighbourhood, or plan a roadtrip and adventure a little further.

Enjoy every unforgettable moment with Edenvale’s range of premium alcohol-removed wines. All the good stuff about a glass of wine, with none of the headache!



Enjoy a summer picnic

Summer… It’s when drinks are colder, laughs are louder and days are longer. And it’s the perfect season for picnics! They’re a great way to catch up with family and friends who you’ve missed this year.

Grab the dog, some outdoor games, a picnic rug, and some scrumptious food, and head to your local park, by the sea, or high on a hill to enjoy the view.

Complement your picnic fare with Edenvale’s award-winning alcohol-removed wines.

Relax with edenvale




Celebrate with a backyard BBQ with friends

There’s nothing better than a backyard BBQ with your favourite mates. Keep food simple and fresh so you can enjoy the company of good friends rather than slaving in the kitchen. Salads, sausages and fruit platters make the perfect summer menu for a backyard get together.

Get outside in your own backyard for a few celebratory drinks with Edenvale’s premium alcohol removed wines. Sit back, relax and catch up over a glass…or two.

Celebrate the season


Connect with your family

Switch off from busy lives, put your devices aside and connect with your family.

Organise a summer outing to the beach, a national park, or your favourite venue with the family. Or set up some games in your own backyard and encourage the kids to play until the sun goes down.

Keep your head clear and enjoy the precious moments with Edenvale’s range of premium alcohol-removed wines.

Get outside and discover Edenvale




Summer is just a sip away!

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