Why is Shiraz considered a classic Australian wine?

Australian conditions are perfectly suited to Shiraz, making it our most popular red wine and one of Edenvale’s best sellers.

Why do we need antioxidants in our diet?

Antioxidants are molecules that are found in some foods and beverages, which help protect our health. Edenvale alcohol-removed wines are a good source of antioxidants.

Our guide to making delicious mocktails for your autumn celebrations using Edenvale premium alcohol-removed wines.

Edenvale alcohol-removed wines can be used as a substitute for wine in cooking to avoid traces of alcohol in the finished dish while maintaining the flavour.

Alcohol consumption can hinder your health journey, affecting weight loss, sleep cycles and muscle development. Edenvale alcohol-removed wines can help you maintain your progress while giving you the real wine experience.

With a great variety of iconic Aussie foods available, it’s good to know which wines complement your meal. Check our guide for the wines that pair perfectly with your favourite Aussie bite.

How to go alcohol-free for a month

Learn the tips, tricks and benefits of going alcohol-free for a whole month without losing your friends.

For many, recent weeks and months have been challenging as we’ve managed further Covid waves and periods of isolation. If you feel ready to re-connect with friends and family, spend an evening together and share a laugh and a glass, or 2, of wine. Here’s all you need to know to ensure your night goes off without a hitch.

Twenty twenty-one has been a challenging year for many people, but it’s time to put all of that aside and enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas lunch with your nearest and dearest. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive for your guests to enjoy themselves. Here are our tips on eating, drinking, and connecting on Christmas Day.

edenvale wine

Two of our premium alcohol-removed wines were selected as finalists in the Drink Easy Awards ‘Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Australia’ category this year.

 Introducing a convenient new way to enjoy one of our most popular products. This piece will cover the launch of Edenvale Sparkling Cuvee Cans, and touch on the rising trend of wine in cans instead of bottles, and the benefits. 

While many Australians enjoy their wine, most of Australia’s wine drinkers don’t have a dedicated wine cellar in their home. But good wine benefits from proper storage, so here are our top tips for storing your wine at home if you don’t have a wine cellar or a dedicated wine fridge.

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