Introducing a convenient new way to enjoy one of our most popular products. This piece will cover the launch of Edenvale Sparkling Cuvee Cans, and touch on the rising trend of wine in cans instead of bottles, and the benefits. 

While many Australians enjoy their wine, most of Australia’s wine drinkers don’t have a dedicated wine cellar in their home. But good wine benefits from proper storage, so here are our top tips for storing your wine at home if you don’t have a wine cellar or a dedicated wine fridge.

Non-alcoholic alternatives are taking over shelves across Australia and we’re explaining why.

Whether you’re looking to explore the sober-curious movement, craving a healthier lifestyle change, or just intrigued by the prospect of non-alcoholic beverages, the societal decline in alcohol consumption has resulted in some amazing alcohol-free alternatives entering the market.

Working from home

With more and more Australians working from home, the lines between work and home life are becoming more blurred. But it’s essential for your mental and physical health to be able to switch off and enjoy some downtime.

Edenvale Wine, Wine glass, cheese plater in living room

You don’t have to be a wine expert to host or attend a blind wine tasting. For most, it is a fun way to host a social event and at the same time learn something about wine. It can also help remove preconceptions you and your family and friends may have about a specific wine variety or region.

Edenvale Pink Moscato

Moscato is a style of wine made from muscat grapes and is world-famous for its sweet flavours of peach and orange blossom. With the introduction of our new Pink Moscato, let’s dig into the origins of Moscato, including how it made its way to Australian shores nearly 200 years ago, and how and when to enjoy it.

Wines to keep you warm

As you hunker down for another winter season, you’ll need something to keep both your hands and your tastebuds busy on those chilly winter evenings as you await the arrival of Spring.


We are proud to launch our new Spanish Expedition Range, as a homage to the Iberian region, one of the most significant viticultural territories in the world.


Thanks to COVID most of our travel plans were cancelled in 2020, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Local destinations, right in our backyard, are all the rage as international travel remains off the cards.


Today we are ordering more meals through food delivery services than ever before – thanks in part to COVID, but also as we explore the diverse cultures and cuisines that call Australia home.


We are proud to announce that Edenvale have signed up as Gold corporate sponsors of aeromedical charity CareFlight.


In 2020, COVID brought health and wellbeing - both mental and physical - into sharp focus. And so too came the sober curious movement, which is all about choosing a different way of life, drinking less and living more.

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