The once relatively unknown Pinot Gris grape (also known as Pinot Grigio) has become one of Australia’s most fashionable whites. It is a white grape, with greyish pink skin.


How good is it to have summertime just around the corner.


Have family or a friend who is expecting a special new addition?


A word of warning: not all alcohol-removed wines are created equal.


If anything, isolation and lockdown have given us time to do something that our busy lifestyles don’t usually allow much time for - and that’s hit pause and think about our priorities.


Could you give up alcohol for a month?

If you are up for the challenge, or did it last year, then sign up for Dry July 2020.


Not sure what to look for when buying an alcohol-removed wine?


Having a strong immune system all year-round is essential, given that its main job is to defend you against disease-causing microorganisms.


This month we’re sharing what makes Edenvale alcohol-removed wine different, and how we’ve pioneered alcohol removed wine in Australia.


As the festive season winds down and New Year’s resolutions and goals ramp up, what challenges have you got on your list?


Did you know that our wines are not just great for drinking? They're perfect for cooking with too! The French are rightly famous for cooking with vin, with iconic dishes like coq au vin - which literally translates


When it’s time to celebrate you really do need to reach for a glass of bubbly, and we can think of many reasons to break out a bottle or two.

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