Edenvale Launches New Hearth Mulled Wine

Edenvale Launches New Hearth Mulled Wine

We are proud to introduce the latest arrival to Edenvale’s wide range of premium alcohol removed wine – Hearth mulled wine, our brand new varietal for 2021!

So read on for a (virtual) taster of our new drop, how it offers something different to more commonly enjoyed wines, and how and when it can be best enjoyed. We also delve into the history of mulled wine, where in this context the term ‘mulled’ or ‘mulling’ refers to the mixing of spices, which are then heated with the wine over a low heat. We also appreciate the other English meaning, to think about extensively, ponder or ruminate :)

Let’s kick off with a whirlwind history of this truly global drop.

Mulled wine: a truly global drop

Hearth Wine

Did you know that mulled wine has some serious history?

While the Romans are known to have enjoyed a goblet or two of mulled goodness, it is the Greeks who are likely to have originated this particular drop. Ever inventive - and loathe to waste precious vino, they decided to add some spices to their wine and heat it up. And hey presto - mulled wine was (likely) born.

Thereafter there are recipes for mulled wine in the Middle Ages, with references to it in 1390. This era is likely when the drink was popularised across northern Europe, as the added spices not only made the decidedly average tasting wine of the day more palatable, and people also believed it had health benefits.

This explains how the drink is enjoyed in Germany as glühwein (glowing wine), by the French as vin chaud (hot wine), in Bosnia and Herzegovina/Croatia as kuhano vino (cooked wine) and throughout Scandinavia as glöggin or gløgg. It is less clear why they need vinho quente (warm wine) in balmy Brazil, but presumably the Portuguese settlers took a version there? We were also pleased to learn that there is even a non-alcoholic version in Sweden that uses fruit juice instead of wine.

And now onto our drop…

Edenvale’s Hearth mulled wine

Hearth wine

Our Hearth mulled wine is a warm, aromatic fusion of citrus, red currant fruits, clove, cinnamon and herbal notes, with a hint of sweetness and a balanced lingering finish. The perfect drop for enjoying round a log fire or even at a summer picnic.

It is also less work to produce a steaming glass, as all the spices are already added - so no fiddling around with sachets or getting the mix just right. Just decant it into a pot and heat until it is just below a simmer.

And if you are looking for mulled wine food pairings then you can’t go past a blue cheese, and similar cheeses like Stilton, Gorgonzola, aged Cheddar, or creamy Gruyère. In fact, we highly recommend a winter cheese fondue when the temperatures drop! A glass of warmed Hearth is also a great accompaniment with savoury dishes (pork schnitzel) or sweet (apple cake). And while mulled wine is traditionally drunk warm, it can also be chilled and used as the base to create other drinks, like Sangria.

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