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Everything you love about traditionally crafted, premium red wine without alcohol.

There’s something so enjoyable about a drop of full-bodied, bold Australian red. Savouring that unique aroma and distinctive taste is a real pleasure - especially if it happens to be non-alcoholic red wine.

Since 2006, Edenvale has led the way in the industry, crafting some of the world’s best non-alcoholic red wine. What’s our secret? We start by making traditional, fully-fermented premium Australian wine, and then we remove the alcohol. The award-winning result is the same exceptional taste, aroma, complexity and varietals you expect from high-quality wine - just without the alcohol (and the baggage it can bring).

If you’re looking for red wines with plenty of character, complexity and charisma but without the alcohol, you’ll enjoy getting to know our flavoursome collection.

Introducing Edenvale Alcohol-Removed Red Wine

De-alcoholised red wine is every bit the crowd-pleaser - one sip of any of these outstanding drops, and you’ll need no convincing.

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"I normally drink red wine so was surprised with how this tasted has a rich flavour easy to drink if your going somewhere that you have to drive."


Non-Alcoholic Red Wine Benefits

Mindful choices don’t mean missing out on the pleasures in life; consider Edenvale wines as beverages with benefits! 

As you enjoy a tipple - or two - you’ll be pleased to know that Edenvale red wine: 

  • Is rich in antioxidants - evidence suggests levels may be even higher than those found in traditional red wines. 
  • Contains less than half the calories of standard wine - removing alcohol reduces calories.
  • Pairs beautifully with food - complementing a wide range of dishes, they are  ideal for all occasions. 

→Read more about the benefits of drinking non-alcoholic red wine in Australia

non-alcoholic red wine

Reasons For Choosing Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

Aside from its exceptional taste, there are many reasons you might want to reach for a red from Edenvale.  

  • You can indulge in a glass - or several - every night of the week without worrying about the health risks associated with alcohol. 
  • Pregnancy doesn’t mean missing out on a tipple or two.
  • Being the designated driver does not spell the end of a good night out. 
  • Keen to lose weight or reach a fitness goal? With less than half the amount of calories of traditional wine, we think alcohol-removed wine should come with personal trainer approval! 
  • Where’s the fun in going dry? Join in the good times (which are even better when there’s no hangover the following day). 
  • Whatever your reason for not drinking alcohol, you’ll be pleased to hear our beverages have about the same alcohol content as fresh fruit juice. 
Alcohol-removed grenache shiraz mataro red wine

How Non-Alcoholic Red Wine is Made at Edenvale

So, how does our Edenvale winemaking team create great-tasting, complex wines without alcohol? 

The process is intricate and involved. We begin by crafting red alcoholic wines, working to maintain good oxygen uptake with as much contact as possible with the grape skin. 

We then employ our advanced, customised spinning-cone alcohol-removing technology to extract the alcohol without compromising the developing taste and aroma. Our wines are proof that it’s not alcohol that makes the magic!

→Learn more about our process for crafting alcohol-removed wine.

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Why Edenvale For Alcohol-Removed Red Wine

Connoisseurs of good non-alcoholic red wine make sure Edenvale is always on the drinks menu. 

  • We source our grapes from Australia’s premium wine-growing regions. 
  • Our wines deliver the complexity, nuances and enjoyment of traditional alcoholic beverages. 
  • We offer a terrific range of quality wine varietals. From fun and fruity to earthy and bold, there’s something for everyone. 
  • We’re leaders in innovation and excellence - custom alcohol-removing technology. 
  • Edenvale wines have won 42 gold, silver and bronze medals at the International Wine & Spirits Competition Awards 2023, World Alcohol-Free Awards 2023, Australian Wine Showcase Magazine Low and No Tasting 2023 and Drinks Business Autumn Tasting  2023. 
  • We are proud to be an Australian-owned and operated business. 
  • We export globally - Canada, UK, Belgium, China, Taiwan, New Zealand and more. 
  • You can find us in Australia online here and in Woolworths, Coles, IGA and Dan Murphy’s.
Alcohol-removed Shiraz red wine

“I really enjoyed this wine. I am not a huge wine drinker however I found this really lovely and smooth. I also used it in my cooking and it gave the same taste as an alcoholic wine.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any good non-alcoholic red wines?

There are great non-alcoholic red wines from the Edenvale collection, including Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Premium Reserve Sparkling Shiraz, Premium Reserve Pinot Noir, Grenache Shiraz Mataro, Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon and Hearth Mulled Wine.

Does non-alcoholic red wine have health benefits?

Non-alcoholic red wine benefits include the fact it contains significantly fewer calories than traditional red wine and equal - if not higher - levels of antioxidants. 

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