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At last, you can enjoy traditionally crafted, premium white wine without worrying about the alcohol content.

We’re fortunate in Australia to enjoy weather and lifestyles that pair beautifully with crisp, white wine. Relaxing with a chilled, fruity drop is a real pleasure - especially if it’s a glass of non-alcoholic dry white wine.

Since 2006, Edenvale has paved the way in crafting pioneering, innovative, non-alcoholic white wine. Don’t consider us a non-alcoholic substitute for dry white wine - our wines are an authentic wine experience, just minus the alcohol.

How? Because every award-winning drop of Edenvale begins life as a bonafide, premium, fully-fermented Australian wine. We then extract the alcohol, leaving you with the same beautifully structured, exceptionally tasting, highly fragrant varietal. Let’s say you can have your wine and drink it, too!

Introducing Edenvale Alcohol-Removed White Wine

Welcome to our collection of the best non-alcoholic dry white wine you’ll experience - you’ll love getting to know these drops! 

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"This was a really nice drop. I will definitely purchase it in the future. It’s a great alternative for those who would like to feel like they are partaking in a glass of wine but don’t want to drink alcohol."


Benefits Of Non-Alcoholic White Wine

Being mindful shouldn’t mean sacrificing the pleasures in life. Think of Edenvale wines as beverages with benefits! 

  • Low in calories - less than half that of traditional wine.
  • Versatile - pairs seamlessly with a huge range of dishes or just enjoy a glass on its own. 
  • De-alcoholised wines have the same levels of antioxidants as alcoholic wines. In fact, evidence suggests there may even be higher levels in non-alcoholic wine. 

→Learn more about the benefits of drinking dry, non-alcoholic white wine 

Alcohol-removed chardonnay white wine

Why Drink Non-Alcoholic White Wine

Edenvale alcohol-removed wines taste sensational. However, there are many other reasons our loyal customers prefer our whites. 

  • Counting calories makes for light work - our alcohol-removed wine comes with less than half the calories of traditional wine. 
  • Being pregnant shouldn’t prevent you from the simple pleasures in life - enjoy a glass without the worry! 
  • Feel like another glass? This is guilt-free indulgence that comes without a health tag warning. 
  • You can be the designated driver and still participate in rounds - let the party start. 
  • Going dry can be great - especially if it means you can continue to enjoy a drop. 
Sauvignon blanc non-alcoholic white wine

How Edenvale Makes The Best Non-Alcoholic White Wine

Our wine-making team has customised a unique process of alcohol extraction using Spinning Cone Column technology. The method involves removing alcohol through evaporation, meaning the wine retains all its goodness, minus the baggage! So you’re assured a distinctive, quality Australian white wine with delicate aromas and remarkable flavour and depth. 

Our collection shows that alcohol isn’t essential for creating wines of distinction. 

→Learn more about our process for crafting alcohol-removed wine.


“I tried several alcohol-removed wines until I discovered Edenvale. Their Chardonnay  is faithful to the taste and smell of traditional wine, which I think is particularly impressive for this varietal. It’s now my go-to white wine!”

John Black, Wooloomoloo NSW Customer 

non-alcoholic white wine

Why Edenvale For The Best Non-Alcoholic White Wine In Australia

What makes Edenvale the best non-alcoholic dry white wine you can serve? 

  • Our grapes come from the best wine-growing areas in the country. 
  • Our wines deliver all the structure, complexity and fruitiness of traditional alcoholic wines. 
  • We offer a wonderful range of varietals - from delicate bubbles and fruity, herbaceous whites to big, bold reds and everything in between. 
  • Our alcohol extraction method is pioneering - we’re global leaders in alcohol-removed wines. 
  • In just a few years, we have been awarded over 40 gold, silver and bronze medals across a range of international competitions. 
  • It’s not just Australians who love Edenvale. We now export to many countries, including Canada, the UK, Belgium, China, Taiwan and New Zealand. 
  • We’re easy to find - buy our wines online here or at Woolworths, Coles, IGA and Dan Murphy’s.
non-alcoholic Chardonnay white wine

"Love this for when I was pregnant or just wanting an easy glass of something delicious"


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best non-alcoholic white wine?

We don’t believe there is a superior specific non-alcoholic white wine - it all comes down to personal preference. As is the case for traditional wines, you might prefer Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris. Perhaps the weather or social setting will influence what takes your fancy? The good news is we have a generous selection of white wine, all faithful to their varietals… Perhaps you can answer this question for us? 

Is non-alcoholic white wine good for you?

Alcohol is linked too many diseases and health risks. Not only do our wines contain no alcohol, they deliver less than half the calorific content of traditional wines. 

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