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Nothing says celebration quite like the pop of a bottle and a glass full of bubbles! Our carefully crafted non-alcoholic sparkling wine collection means you can make the most of the partying without suffering the side effects. Whether you’re after a white or red sparkling non-alcoholic wine, you’ll find a superb selection here. Enjoy discovering our range of the best non-alcoholic sparkling wine - chin chin!


Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine Australia

A little fizz makes everything more fabulous - discover our refreshing & stylish sparkling wines.

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Which non-alcoholic sparkling bubbles tickle your fancy? Indulge in the crisp, clean and refreshing Edenvale Sparkling Cuvee for a timeless classic. Looking for the ultimate combination of beautifully balanced citrus and stone fruit - Edenvale Blanc de Blanc is for you. Dial up the good times with something lively and fun and try our Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Rosé. Or opt for an Australian icon and embrace Edenvale Sparkling Shiraz for bold bubbles with hints of luscious chocolate. The best non-alcoholic sparkling wine in Australia is here and waiting for you to get the party started!