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A little fizz makes everything more fun and fabulous!

A bottle of bubbles goes hand-in-hand with joyous occasions - there’s nothing quite like the pop of a cork to liven things up and make them special. With Edenvale sparkling wine, you can dial up the good times without worrying about overdoing it. So, feel fantastic now and after the partying comes to an end!


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A little fizz makes everything more fabulous - discover our refreshing sparkling wines.

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Benefits Of Low-Alcohol Sparkling Wine

✓ Cuts calories - with around half as many calories as traditional sparklings, these are the bubbles for you if you’re looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

✓ Antioxidants - Edenvale wines are rich in antioxidants.

✓ Pairing perfection - fizz goes fantastically well with everything. From canapes to fish to delicate desserts, bubbles are the ultimate accompaniment. 

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Reasons For Choosing Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Wine

We’ve all got our own reasons for opting out of alcohol, be it temporarily or permanently. One or several of the following might be why you’re looking for alcohol-free sparkling wine. 

  • You don’t want the headache 
  • Pregnancy 
  • It’s just good to have some alcohol down-time  
  • You’re on a liver detox 
  • Because you love bubbles and don’t want to go without! 

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How We Make The Best Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine in Australia

The secret to making the tastiest non-alcoholic sparkling wine in Australia starts by making an alcoholic version

Using premium quality grapes sourced from Australia’s best wine-growing areas, our talented team relies on traditional techniques and processes to make outstanding bubbles. 

The next step is where the magic begins. Our winemakers use advanced, patented spinning cone alcohol-removing technology to remove the alcohol. They do this without forsaking the wonderful complexity, flavours and aromas originally present in the wine. The result is multi-award-winning non-alcoholic sparkling wines recognised and respected around the world. 

→Discover the detail in our alcohol-removed wine-making process.

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Why Edenvale Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

Edenvale sparkling wine is the favourite fizz for many wine lovers. 

  • All our sparkling wines are award-winners, many of them several times over.  
  • We source grapes from the most respected, renowned wine-making regions in Australia. 
  • We’re innovators of alcohol-removed sparkling wine, pairing world-class technology with age-old crafts and traditions. 
  • We’re proudly Australian-owned and operated, but we sell around the world, including to the UK, Belgium, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, and more. 
  • It’s not hard to get hold of a bottle of Edenvale - you can buy online here or visit Coles, Woolworths, IGA and Dan Murphy's stores.
Edenvale alcohol-removed Sparkling Shiraz wine


Is sparkling wine alcohol-free?

Edenvale sparkling wine has less than 0.5% ABV - approximately the same level of alcohol as fresh fruit juice.

Can a pregnant woman drink non-alcoholic sparkling wine?

Our non-alcoholic sparkling wines contain about the same alcohol level as fruit juice. However, we would recommend you speak to your GP for advice.

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