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Help your immune system help you

Having a strong immune system all year-round is essential, given that its main job is to defend you against disease-causing microorganisms.

And even though the science is unclear on whether your lifestyle can ‘supercharge’ your immune system, you can certainly give it a helping hand by looking after your overall health.

So how do you make sure your immune system is in the best possible shape all year-round?

5 ways to help your immune system

Pretty much everyone will agree that the following five lifestyle choices will have a positive impact on your overall health:

1. Practice good hygiene

If you want to avoid bacteria, viruses and other baddies then you need to practice good hygiene, starting with your hands. Why? As we have discovered in this era of contagion, our hands are in contact with surfaces in public places, as well as our faces. Washing your hands regularly with soap - especially after you have been out and about - is key to eliminating the risk of infecting yourself and those around you. You should also give your phone a thorough clean regularly, bearing in mind you are touching so often during the day. So give your immune system a break and be hygiene aware!

2. Get your sleep

It’s a well known fact that sleep is critical to your overall immunity, and your ability to fight germs and diseases. Adults should be looking to get at least 7 hours a night. If you are having trouble actually getting to sleep, look to limit your screen time before bedtime, don’t overheat your room and make sure you are also getting enough exercise. You could also try including regular yoga or massage into your schedule to help relax.

3. Exercise well

Exercise - the act of moving and getting your heart rate up - is perhaps the most important item on this list. It has been found to maintain cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, control body weight, and contribute to your overall health - and therefore to a healthy immune system. There is also strong evidence that exercise can help to minimise stress. Stress also impacts the body’s white blood cells, which are crucial in helping to fight infection from pathogens.

4. Eat well

A healthy diet is key to a healthy mind and body - so be kind to your immune system and make sure your overall intake is balanced. It is not rocket science - nothing in excess, with a strong emphasis on plenty of greens, grains and fruit. There is also evidence that micronutrients - like vitamins, zinc, iron, and folic acid - are necessary for cell growth and development, so look for foods rich in these. Besides eating the right stuff you also need to eat regularly, so avoid skipping meals - and hydrate throughout the day.

5. Stay sober

Alcohol suppresses the immune system - so you definitely don’t want that at any time of the year - but especially in winter when flu and colds do the rounds. Lockdown has also meant more people turning to alcohol to cope. The Australian reported that as many as 1 in 5 Aussies are buying more alcohol than usual during the coronavirus pandemic, and one third are consuming alcohol every day. This is potentially troubling as it could become an added stress on your health if these habits stick around.

The advice is to limit your intake - and guess what - we can help:) If you drink Edenvale you still get to enjoy the taste and health benefits of wine, just without the alcohol. That is a win-win in our book!

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