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Our Top 5 Tipples for Summer Enjoyment

Most of us are back at work now, and the kids are all back at school, but that doesn’t mean that the fun days are over. There are still weeks ahead for summery celebrations, picnic playdates in the park, weekend trips to the beach, hours spent by the pool, and long, languid evenings for backyard or balcony BBQs.

Perhaps you’re taking a temporary or permanent break from alcohol, you’re the designated driver, or responsible parent, or you just want to cut back on kilojoules: you don’t have to feel excluded when others are indulging in full-alcohol wines.

Whether you’re wining and dining with friends, getting together casually with family, or just taking some ‘me time’ to relax, there’s an Edenvale wine to suit every summery occasion. Sans alcohol, sans guilt, sans hangover – but full of refreshing full-bodied flavour.

Here are our Top 5 Edenvale wine suggestions for summer sipping pleasure. Enjoy!

1. Edenvale Premium Reserve Blanc de Blanc

Sparkling wine is the great all-rounder; an any-time, anywhere, any occasion wine that pairs perfectly with just about anything.

Great with a grazing platter, partners with prawns, complementary with oysters, our Premium Reserve Blanc de Blanc is proudly made from only the best selected South Eastern Australian wine grapes (predominantly chardonnay) and contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume (a level similar to that found in natural fruit juices).

With its white peach fruit flavours and notes of citrus, apricot, apple and complex oak, this is an award-winning celebratory bubbly you can enjoy as a toast to great weather, and great company. We even enjoy this sparkling on its own, on our own (no alcohol = no judgement).

2. Edenvale Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc

Ola! Why not bring some Mediterranean magic to your next summer soiree? Edenvale Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc is part of our Spanish Expedition wine collection.

Pronounced ‘verr-de-ho’ and considered to be Spain’s best white varietal, Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc is characterised by its light, bright colour and hints of fennel and grapefruit aromatics. We like to pair it with paella (of course), or any of our favourite pastas, tapas, or fresh cheeses.

3. Edenvale Sparkling Rosé

Although the old rule of ‘white wine with white meat and red wine with red meat’ is frequently (and rightfully) ignored these days, one wine that holds up against both (and veggie dishes as well) is Rosé. Edenvale Sparkling Rosé from our Classic Collection is lively with rich fruit flavours and delightful aromas of rose petals, redcurrant and berry fruits. What could be more suited to summer sipping?

We like to serve our Sparkling Rosé solo as an aperitif, with spicy salamis, and antipasto platters.

4. Edenvale Aperitivo Spritz

Ciao Bellissima! One sip of our bitter-sweet Edenvale Aperitivo Spritz and you will be transported to Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Conveniently read-to-drink in a slim-line light-weight aluminium can, you’ll want to grab a four-pack and hop on the Vespa and head to the beach. (Mambo Italiano soundtrack optional!)

This delicious alcohol-free spritz tastes just like its alcoholic counterpart, with notes of citrus, spice and floral blossom, and can be safely enjoyed in all those places where glass containers are not suitable or permitted – camping, boating or a summer picnic.

Serve Aperitivo Spritz with salty snacks, such as crisps, charcuterie, crostini and olives.

5. Edenvale Premium Reserve Pinot Noir

Why is a full-bodied red wine (normally served at room temp) one of our favourite summer wines? One word – sangria! This is a wine that packs a party punch when its rich ripe cherry and mulberry flavours are further refreshed with sliced oranges and other summer fruits. You can download the recipe here.

And here’s a tip – substitute pinot noir for water in your ice cubes to really appreciate the dark fruit sangria flavours without dilution. Sangria made with Premium Reserve Pinot Noir is a fantastic party addition, and it’s great served up at a beefy BBQ.

So that’s our Top Five Summer Wines – what are your Edenvale summer favourites? We’d love to hear from you; send us a message in the form below.

You can order Edenvale alcohol-removed wines for your summer celebration directly via our online shop.

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