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Reset 2020 and Go Dry this July with Edenvale

Could you give up alcohol for a month?

If you are up for the challenge, or did it last year, then sign up for Dry July 2020.

People have a go for different reasons - some just can’t pass up a challenge, others are planning on a healthier lifestyle or just want to take a break from the real thing. With Edenvale - Australia’s favourite booze-free drop - you can have your (alcohol-removed) wine and drink it too, while raising money for a very worthy cause.

What is Dry July?

Dry July is a fundraising challenge where you give up alcohol for the month, and get people to sponsor you - with all the money you raise going to people affected by cancer. The rules are simple; sign up and stop drinking for the month of July. Then reach out to family, friends and colleagues and ask them to sponsor you for taking part.

Last year 43,015 Australians participated raising a whopping $10,949,170, which is distributed to some 75 cancer organisations across the country. These include the Cancer Council, Leukemia Foundation, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA), McGrath Foundation and Redkite.

But let’s take a moment to remind ourselves of the benefits of going dry.

Why Go Dry this July?

Go dry and you can look forward to:

A clear head the morning after
Having tons of energy to get stuff done
Feeling motivated to conquer the world
Sleeping like a baby
Losing some weight
Saving a pile of cash
The adulation of your friends, family and colleagues

You will also know that the cash you raise is going to a good cause.

The Health Benefits of Alcohol-Removed Wine

Our range of alcohol removed wines let you have your wine and drink it - and still qualify for Dry July 2020!

Enjoy the taste and flavour profile of wine without putting any extra stress on your liver, and without the calories too. When we remove alcohol from our wine, we also remove large quantities of calories. Win-win!

Our wines also still have the same amount of polyphenols - the natural plant chemicals found in the skins of grapes - as the real thing. These act as antioxidants, helping to protect your cells from free radical damage. They also increase your ‘good’ cholesterol levels and impede the build-up of ‘bad’ cholesterols. A recent study in the American Heart Association journal, Circulation Research, found that, ‘men with high risk for heart disease had lower blood pressure after drinking non-alcoholic red wine every day for four weeks’. The study also found that polyphenol levels led to, ‘a boost in men’s levels of nitric oxide, which helps lower blood pressure’.

Red wines have more of these polyphenols than white varietals as the skins of the grape are not discarded. Good news if you are enjoying your red wines this winter!

Sign up for Dry(ish) July

Keen to sign up?

The organisers have introduced some new options for Dry July this year - acknowledging how challenging 2020 has been so far. You can still sign up to go 31 days dry, or have a Dry(ish) July and choose 21 or 14 days.

Need help getting through Dry July? Then check out our range which are available online or at your local stockist. Selected products are available in the beverage aisle at these retailers:


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