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Top award for Edenvale winemaker

Edenvale winemaker, Peter Bright, has received an international honour for excellence in winemaking.

Top Portuguese wine magazine, Revista de Vinhos, awarded Peter the Homage Award in recognition of his career as a remarkable winemaker and his professional career in the sector, as well as for his exceptional development and affirmation of Portuguese wines.

Peter is the winemaker responsible for our Edenvale alcohol-removed Expedition Series, which consists of a Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon, Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc, and a Spanish-style Sparkling Cuvee.

A highly respected and experienced winemaker, who has worked in the industry across the globe, Peter has built his career making wine in Australia, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Spain, Sicily, Greece, South Africa, and of course, Portugal. Peter has devoted much of his life to learning and perfecting the craft of Portuguese winemaking and lived in Portugal for many years, calling it home.

Revista de Vinhos is a leading reference publication in the wine and gastronomy segment. With 30 years of continuous monthly editions, it is the medium most famous in the market for influencing the behaviour of many tens of thousands of consumers.

The award recognises Peter’s many years of dedication to the industry, and Edenvale is proud to have an internationally recognised and awarded winemaker such as Peter creating and crafting our alcohol-removed wines.

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