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What to look for in a quality alcohol-removed wine

Not sure what to look for when buying an alcohol-removed wine?

When then let us give you some pointers, because not all alcohol-removed wines are created equal. In fact, some are just grape juice - which I hope we all agree, is not the same thing.

So how do we make Edenvale alcohol-removed wine?

Let’s start with our grapes, which is the basis for any great wine. The grapes used to create our range of wines are exclusively grown in the wine regions of southeast Australia, including South Australia’s famed Barossa Valley.

Another key difference is actually that our wines are made the same way that regular wine is made. They are then de-alcoholised via a process of distillation, to produce an alcohol-removed wine that still tastes like the ‘real thing’. This uses a modified spinning cone column that allows us to take out the alcohol at a relatively low temperature – similar to that of natural fermentation. This ensures that the taste, character and delicate aromas of the varietals are protected and not compromised. It’s also important to note that no chemicals are added to our wines.

Our wines also comply with all the principles of winemaking, the Australian Wine and Branding Corporation Standards, as well as the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

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Why alcohol-removed wine?

So why are people turning to alcohol-removed wines?

Feedback from our consumers indicates that people are looking for an alternative to alcohol for a variety of reasons - with health and lifestyle the primary concern. For those wanting to lose weight, and looking to avoid the high-calorie count of alcoholic drinks, the (at least) 40% calorie reduction of our range is a big plus. Mothers-to-be are another group looking to indulge without worrying about the effects of alcohol on conception or pregnancy, as is anyone who is the designated driver for the night.

Looking to make the transition to a low or alcohol-free lifestyle? You can shop all our varietals online, or check availability at your local stockistSelected products are also available in the beverage aisle at these retailers:


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