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Alcohol and ageing: everything in moderation

Are you at the age where more than a couple of drinks leaves you feeling worse for wear?

While drinking light to moderate amounts of alcohol can be good for you, the fact is, when you get to ‘a certain age’ it takes longer for your body to process it. And if you are overindulging, it can also impact your ability to get things done the next day, say going for a jog, or just having a clear head.

Alcohol after 40... Recent research has found that middle-aged or older people who are fit and healthy have a lower risk of developing numerous health conditions and diseases. There is no doubt that alcohol puts a strain on your body, especially when you get to 40 and beyond. Your heart and liver are the main organs that struggle, but your memory, coordination and cognitive ability can all be impacted, especially if you are overindulging regularly. Some organs, like your heart and liver, shrink, which reduces their ability to metabolise alcohol like they used to. And with age comes responsibility. At the end of a night out there is always the drive home to consider. Drink driving is not only a crime, it could also land you with a hefty fine or worse. FYI, in Australia a standard drink is a single 375ml can of mid-strength beer (3.5% alcohol) or a 100ml glass of wine (13.5% alcohol), so it’s very easy to find yourself over the limit very quickly.

Everything in moderation We like to think it’s about moderation and making a lifestyle choice that suits you. That could mean choosing an alcohol removed wine if you are pregnant or if you are the designated driver for the night. Our wines give you the option to make that choice – you can still have the familiar taste and aroma of alcoholic wines, but without the effect of alcohol, and with far fewer calories. This makes the Edenvale range of wines perfect for those occasions when you can’t drink, or are simply taking a rain check. Why not explore our range or find a local stockist where you live?

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