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What makes Edenvale Australia’s leading alcohol-removed wine

This month we’re sharing what makes Edenvale alcohol-removed wine different, and how we’ve pioneered alcohol removed wine in Australia.

Who better to tell the story than wine aficionado and our founder, Michael Bright, himself. Michael launched Edenvale in 2006, when he saw the opportunity for a premium lifestyle beverage that was also non-intoxicating.

What made you start the Edenvale journey?

We saw an opportunity for a premium, sophisticated, adult, lifestyle beverage that wasn't intoxicating. A drink that wasn't just a high sugar juice or soft drink - something with a more sophisticated flavour that could be savoured, with or without food, and enjoyed at any time. This type of beverage fits in with a more modern lifestyle, providing options for those who choose not to consume alcohol and for hosts and venues who need to be able to serve an inclusive non-alcoholic alternative.

What is the Edenvale philosophy?

Our singular focus is to produce sophisticated beverages that carry on the strong and proud tradition of great Australian winemaking, creating alcohol removed wines that have the taste and full complexity of premium wine while offering a healthy option.

Our wines also allow you to stay focused on a busy schedule, give you the option to take a break from alcohol, or just enjoy some ‘me’ time.

What makes Edenvale alcohol-removed wine different from many other non-alcoholic wines on the market?

The key difference is that our wines are made in the same way that regular wine is made. While many of our competitors’ offerings are produced using unfermented grape juice, we begin our process with the creation of fully fermented wines, and then we remove the alcohol. The regular varietal of wine is produced so that we can hold on to all of the benefits of the fermentation process - higher levels of antioxidants than juice, the vinous flavour and all the digestive enzymes. This assures that consumers can still receive all of the benefits from the wine without the consumption or impact of alcohol.

In a nutshell, not all alcohol-removed wines are created equal, but we’re confident we are producing some of the best on the market! In fact, consumer advocacy group CHOICE recently named our Sparkling Cuvee the best tasting non-alcoholic sparkling wine in Australia.

Tell us a little more about the alcohol removal process

This step is actually pretty intricate as it uses a modified spinning cone column that allows us to take out the alcohol at a relatively low temperature – a temperature similar to that of natural fermentation. This ensures that the taste and character of each alcohol removed wine varietal is not compromised.

It’s also important to note that no chemicals are added to our wines. Some varietals like Chardonnay, Shiraz and Cabernet may receive some oak treatment, and all of our wines receive a small amount of varietal juice concentrate that helps to add richness to the palate.

Who is the target audience for Edenvale wines?

Our range of alcohol removed wines appeal to a broad range of people, but our product category is still quite niche. That said, we’ve seen significant growth and interest in our products in the past 3 years in particular. A chunk of this is down to the health and wellness movement which is creating further opportunities for Edenvale.

Edenvale was the first of its kind in the Australian market and continues to be the market leader in Oceania, exporting to New Zealand, Belgium, China, Korea, Vietnam and Canada.

Looking to make the transition to a low or alcohol-free lifestyle? You can shop all our varietals online, or check availability at your local stockistSelected products are also available in the beverage aisle at these retailers:


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