Cheers to Love: Alcohol-Free Valentine's Day Activities with Edenvale

Cheers to Love: Alcohol-Free Valentine's Day Activities with Edenvale

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Love is in the air and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Whether you're planning a cozy evening for two, hosting a 'Galentine’s Day' with a few friends, or perhaps you need some last-minute ideas, we've got you covered with these guilt-free, alcohol-free activities!

Picnic Under the Stars

Imagine a romantic evening under the stars and some delicious goodies to go with. Pack a basket with your favorite snacks, a plush blanket, and a few bottles of Edenvale. Choose from our Sauvignon Blanc with its crisp and zesty notes or our Sparkling Rosé for a touch of effervescence and delightful red fruit flavors – both perfect choices for any picnic basket!

Candlelit Dinner at Home

Steer away from crowded restaurants and cook up a storm at home with a candlelit dinner. Pick the menu, set the table, and pop a bottle of Edenvale! For this occasion, our Chardonnay, with its bright and citrusy profile, pairs wonderfully with poultry or pasta. Alternatively, our Pinot Noir, with its smooth and versatile character, is an excellent choice for heartier dishes with red meat.

Chocolate and Wine Tasting

Did you know wines make the perfect pair for a variety of chocolates? Why not try an activity that’s not just delicious but a fun way to learn something new? Our Sauvignon Blanc pairs beautifully with dark chocolate, creating a delicious contrast between both the wine and the chocolate's richness. Alternatively, our Grenache Shiraz Mataro also pairs fabulously with dark chocolate, with its notes of raspberry and vanilla, and subtle hints of orange zest, charcuterie, and sweet spice.

DIY Spa Night

Get the bubbles going! Pamper yourselves with a DIY spa night at home; there’s nothing more relaxing than lighting some candles, popping on some face masks, and unwinding from reality for just a moment. And who doesn’t love some bubbles for their pamper session? Our Sparkling Cuvee is perfect, with its tropical fruit and citrus flavors!

Movie Marathon and Wine

Create a cozy den with blankets and pillows, pick your favorite movies, and pop open a bottle of Edenvale, and some popcorn while you’re at it! Choose from our Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon, perfect for dramas or romantic movies, or our Shiraz, with its spicy and dark fruit notes, which complements action-packed adventures. Enjoy a relaxing evening cuddled up, sipping on delightful alcohol-removed wines, and getting lost in your favourite movies!

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