Edenvale Sparkling Cuvee

Find the flavour in alcohol-removed wine with Edenvale

A word of warning: not all alcohol-removed wines are created equal.


Because in many cases you will be drinking grape juice, and in the case of a sparkling wine, a mixture of sparkling water and grape juice.

Edenvale is the real deal

In comparison, our wines are as close to the ‘real deal’ as possible, and contain the complexity and robust taste of alcoholic wine. This is no surprise given that they are produced in exactly the same way, using traditional wine-making methods. To begin, the grapes are harvested and fermented, creating flavoursome, antioxidant-rich wines. The alcohol is then removed from the wine using advanced, custom-modified Spinning Cone technology. The process is quick and gentle, allowing the alcohol to be removed while retaining the varietal flavours and aromas. This is a physical process during which there are no chemicals added to the wine.

We’ve been fine tuning this process since 2006, and we proudly adhere to the Australian wine standards throughout the wine making process to ensure a quality product and a real wine experience. No surprises then, that one of our wines, our Sparkling Cuvee, was independently judged to be the best-tasting Australian alcohol removed sparkling wine by a group of taste testers in 2019. The star of the show, our much loved bubbly is crisp and fresh, with delicious rich fruit flavours, and aromas of ripe apples, subdued tropical fruit and citrus notes. Refreshing on the palate, it goes so well with a wide variety of foods, but especially oysters, canapes, spicy cuisine and fresh fruit. Really, it’s the perfect accompaniment to any celebration.

And if you haven’t had a chance to taste our Premium Reserve Sparkling Blanc de Blanc, you really should. It was also a hit with the taste testers, and with good reason. Predominantly a Chardonnay-based drop, has a clean, fresh palate and wonderful balance with white peach fruit flavours. You will also get notes of citrus, apricot, apple and complex oak - and people think it is, “...very drinkable", with "apples in the bouquet” and, “...good colour”. This drop is versatile enough to be enjoyed with a variety of foods, especially oysters, smoked salmon, creamy cheeses and canapes.

Like all our alcohol removed wines, our sparkling whites are great options if you are pregnant or the designated driver for the night, as they have less than 0.5% alcohol by volume which equals zero standard drinks.

Edenvale Blanc de blanc

The takeaway from all this is pretty simple: our wines are the only and best choice when choosing an alcohol-removed wine!

Looking to make the transition to a low or alcohol-free lifestyle? You can shop all our varietals online, or check availability at your local stockistSelected products are also available in the beverage aisle at these retailers:


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