Going alcohol-free for Dry July

Going alcohol-free for Dry July

Are you having a go at #DryJuly? Never heard of it? Let us bring you up to speed...

Dry July is a fundraising challenge where you give up alcohol for the month, and get people to sponsor you - with all the money you raise going to people affected by cancer. It started out as a challenge that 3 mates set themselves to abstain from alcohol for the month of July - hence ‘Dry July’. The first Dry July in 2008 ended up raising $250,000, which has since snowballed into $37 million, which funds some 75 cancer organisations across the country.

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So, what is in it for me we hear you ask? Besides helping out cancer sufferers, changing your habits for month has a ton of side effects - none of which are a hangover. Going alcohol-free means you will:

  • Wake up with a clearer head
  • Have more energy to get stuff done
  • Get a better night’s rest as alcohol interrupts your sleep cycle
  • Lose weight, alcohol being an appetite stimulant and high in calories
  • Have healthier skin, especially if you exercise and drink plenty of water
  • Save cash - all that money you spend on booze adds up

Lastly - but by no means least - if you make it to the end of July you will be able to bask in an unbeatable sense of achievement! But you need to make sure you get prepared for the challenge, or you are setting yourself up for failure. Getting ready for Dry July Make these small adjustments to your lifestyle and you will increase your chances of getting through a month without alcohol:

  • Tell people what you are doing so you can get encouragement and donations for your challenge
  • Make alcohol invisible by removing it from your home environment
  • Avoid socialising in places where alcohol is served - like the pub or a bar
  • Reduce the amount of alcohol you drink in the lead up to giving up - rather than going cold turkey

Keen to give it a go? Its as easy as signing up here and sending the word out to friends, family and colleagues who want to support you. Go the distance, without cheating

Edenvale Wine

Making changes to your lifestyle also don’t mean you have to become teetotal. We like to think it’s about moderation and making a lifestyle choice that suits you. That could mean choosing an alcohol removed wine if you are pregnant, the designated driver for the night or to help you get through Dry July :) If you still want a glass of wine (without cheating) then our range of 11 alcohol removed wines can help you go the distance in July. As Australia’s leading alcohol removed wine, we are happy to say you can enjoy a glass (or more) with no chance of a hangover. So say goodbye to everything you dread about the morning after the night before, which for most of us is a dry mouth, pounding headache and/or an all consuming nausea. You’ll soon be enjoying all the health benefits - like improved energy levels, deeper sleep, and feeling the motivation to conquer the world! Need help getting through Dry July? Then check out our varietals which are available online or at your local stockist. Selected products are also available in the beverage aisle at these retailers:


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