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How to stay healthy over the holidays

How to stay healthy over the holidays Christmas and New Year are all about kicking back and putting your feet up, right?

But that can lead to what is commonly known as ‘The Christmas Bulge’ - which, according to Nutrition Australia, can result in weight gain of anywhere from 0.8g to 1.5kg. Most of this ends up around our belly, and this can lead to increased risk of contracting diabetes and cardiovascular disease in the long run. So, how do you avoid the dreaded holiday bulge and stay healthy over Chrissie and New Year? Tips to stay healthy over the holidays Try these tips to help you avoid gaining weight over the holiday season, so you beat the bulge and stay on track to meet your 2019 health goals.

If you are going to parties - and let’s be honest, they are nearly impossible to avoid at this time of year - try and stick to healthy party foods. These can include vegetable sticks, sushi, sandwiches, rice crackers, smoked salmon and healthy dips like hummus. Foods to avoid or limit include pastries like pies and sausage rolls, chips as well as any lollies, chocolates and cake. If you struggle to resist temptation then eat a healthy snack before you head out - try some plain yoghurt with banana. This will help you from overindulging.
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    When it comes to exercise, don’t use the holidays to avoid keeping active. If your kids are home you can involve them in activities, just makes sure it is going to be fun for them as well. And if you are away, most resorts and hotels have a gym and/or pool and may even have a tennis court. You can also ask for a gym membership as a Chrissie gift. This can be a great motivator to get active in the New Year. We’ve also written recently about the benefits of being active outdoors - which includes improved self-esteem, physical health and powers of concentration.

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      You also need to keep hydrated over the festive season, especially if you are having more than your usual intake of alcohol. Make a conscious effort to
      drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day - and more if you are active or outdoors. Get dehydrated and you will soon have a headache and start feeling low on energy. This is exacerbated if you are drinking alcohol. Alcohol can also lead to weight gain, and many people don’t realise how many calories are in their glass. A large glass of wine (250ml) has around 228 calories, which is similar to a serving of ice cream.

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        If you want to still have a glass in your hand over the holidays, our range of alcohol-free wines mean you can still ‘indulge’ and have a great morning. If you are going to drink alcohol, then have no more than one an hour and alternate each with a glass of Edenvale, water or juice.
        You should also allocate a designated driver if you are going to be drinking alcohol - so everyone gets home safely and the celebration goes off as planned. There are also taxis, Uber and the option of a lift home with another guest.

          Celebrate the holidays with us! If you are looking for an alcohol-free way to celebrate the festive season then we can recommend a glass of Sparkling Cuvee or bubble tinged Sparkling Rosé. Dan Murphy called our Sparkling Cuvée, ‘one of the best examples of de-alcoholised wines on the market today, with crisp, refreshing flavours...and excellent length of flavour.’ We also recently introduced our Premium Reserve Range, which is made with the finest South Eastern Australian grapes and all contain less than 0.5% alcohol by volume. Looking for a non-alcoholic wine for your festive season event? All our varietals are available online. Or check availability at your local stockist. Selected products are available in the beverage aisle at these retailers:


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