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Is 2021 the year you join the sober curious movement?

In 2020, COVID brought health and wellbeing - both mental and physical - into sharp focus. And so too came the sober curious movement, which is all about choosing a different way of life, drinking less and living more.

Our blog this week explores what it means to be #sobercurious, and the health benefits of taking a break from booze, something our range of alcohol removed wines can help with. So if you are wondering what it is all about, and want to make some lifestyle changes in 2021, read on for the lowdown on the sober curious movement and why it is growing.

Let’s start by defining what sober curious means...

What is being sober curious all about?

If you have been wondering what life without a drink would be like, then you are already having sober curious thoughts.

Being sober curious could be about moderating the amount of alcohol you consume, or discovering how sobriety may fit into your lifestyle. Ultimately it is practicing more moderate and mindful drinking - and may not involve getting on the wagon forever.

The Guardian newspaper aptly captures the ethos behind the sober curious movement as, ‘...everyone could benefit from stepping back to honestly appraise their relationship with booze’.

It is also important to point out that you don’t have to have a ‘problem’ - like addiction - to want or need to change your relationship with alcohol. You may like a drink to socialise freely or feel the need to have a drink to destress after a day at work - and feel that you want to change this pattern.

The trouble with alcohol....

If you are drinking frequently and experiencing trouble sleeping, hangovers, difficulty concentrating and feelings of anxiety or depression, alcohol could already be having an impact on your health, relationships and overall lifestyle.


Alcohol has been found to affect your mood, physical health and increases the risk for a number of conditions and diseases, including high blood pressure, digestive disorders and a range of cancers.

But let’s face it, avoiding alcohol is tough because social drinking is the norm - and sobriety the exception, especially in Australian culture.

Social drinking is the norm

The reality is drinking is ingrained in many cultures and social settings, even in the workplace - where a boozy Friday lunchtime is not especially uncommon. Let’s face it social drinking is the norm, and people who choose not to partake tend to get a second look and get asked if they are ill or are subject to a raised eyebrow or three.

But change is in the air.

There is an increasingly influential younger, and vocal, demographic who are championing alcohol-free living on their social media feeds, and making it positively hip not to drink. It also shouldn’t be a passing fad, even though hashtags like #SoberCurious, #SoberLife and #SoberAFit are trending on Instagram. In another recent blog, we highlighted another trend - Australians are drinking less alcohol now than at any time in the past 50 years, driven by concern for our health and wellbeing - and the knowledge that an active lifestyle, balanced diet and drinking less is actually good for you!

Being sober curious doesn’t mean you try to break the habit of drinking just because everyone else is. It also doesn't necessarily mean you are giving up alcohol altogether.

So, what next?

Sober curious? 5 ways to make it work

If you are sober curious and want to change your relationship to alcohol, then there are small lifestyle changes you can make to give yourself a better chance of succeeding.

  1.  Start by reducing the amount of alcohol you drink, rather than going cold turkey.
  2. Remove alcohol from your home environment and avoid places where the sole activity is drinking - like a bar.
  3. Tell people what you are doing so you can get encouragement for the challenge ahead.
  4. Make changes to your lifestyle that are more about moderation than about giving it up completely.
  5. Set realistic, specific goals - make it a year-long process and take small steps.

Don’t forget to celebrate your successes, like when you reach a specific goal or milestone. It’s all about making a lifestyle choice that suits you. Could you benefit from taking a break from alcohol? Then reduce your contact with alcohol by avoiding it altogether, not buying it or substituting it with an alcohol-removed product like our range of wines.

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