La Mancha - the Heart of Edenvale’s Spanish Wines

La Mancha - the Heart of Edenvale’s Spanish Wines

Hola amigos! If you’re a long-time lover of Edenvale non-alcoholic wines, you’ll know we have always had a sweet spot for classic Australian varietals. 

However, in recent years, we’ve expanded our collection to include some distinctive offerings from further afield. Our Expedition Series includes three excellent examples of Spanish non-alcoholic wine made with fruit originating from the famous La Mancha wine region. Here, we delve into these delights and discover a little more about one of the most exciting wine regions of Spain. 

Edenvale Expedition Wine Series 

We wanted to capture the true essence of La Mancha in all our non-alcoholic Spanish wines. Lively, robust, exuberant and earthy, we hope one sip transports you to this incredible part of the world. 

Spanish Sparkling Wine: Non-alcoholic Sparkling Spanish Cuvee 

Here, we combined the fresh acidity and citrus tones of the Spanish grape Macabeo with rich stone fruit flavours from Chardonnay. The result is a classic, crisp Spanish sparkling wine with hints of apricot and fresh citrus on the nose and a delightful, refreshing acidic finish. 

Spanish White Wine: Non-alcoholic Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc 

The classic citrus and herbal undertones of Spain’s Verdejo combine with the rich, aromatic tropical notes from Sauvignon Blanc to create a drop perfect for Mediterranean daydreams. 

Spanish Red Wine: Non-alcoholic Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon 

Surely Tempranillo is Spain’s most iconic grape? Here, we celebrate its cherry and vanilla aromas with notes of bramble, berries and figs by adding Cabernet Sauvignon. The blend brings out the best in the bold fruit flavours and adds a superb structure with a full, spicy finish. Olé, olé! 

About La Mancha Spain Wine Region  

A mostly flat high plain found to the south of Madrid, La Mancha contributes an impressive 40 percent of Spain’s significant wine production. The continental climate and 700m high altitude significantly influence wine outcomes here. Hot during the day, temperatures rapidly plummet at night, encouraging fruit to retain acid and develop fresh flavours. Interestingly, the Arabs in the Middle Ages referred to this region as ‘Al-Mansha’, or ‘dry land’.  

The cracking clay soil efficiently retains winter rainwater, resulting in minimal irrigation. This in turn, delivers low yields with highly concentrated flavours, resulting in stand-out Spanish wine.  Indeed, we believe this area is a strong contender for the best wine region in Spain, which largely explains the inspiration behind our Expedition Series! 


La Mancha Culture 

It would be remiss of us to figuratively visit this incredible area without touching on some additional elements that add to its charm and uniqueness. Indeed, Spain’s wine regions don’t come much more exciting than this! 

  • La Mancha is the home of Don Quixote, a 17th century literary character penned by Miguel de Cervantes. The two-part novel is considered one of the greatest ever examples of modern-day writing. 
  • This is also the birthplace of Spain’s iconic La Manchego cheese, a zesty, crumbling sheep’s cheese with a slightly salty finish.
  • The region is renowned for producing exceptional quality saffron.
  • Arabian architectural influences abound across, a reference to its history as a battle zone between Christians and Muslims. 

If you’re planning a trip to Spain, we strongly recommend you head inland to La Mancha. Meanwhile, visit it vicariously next time you pop open a bottle from our Expedition Series! 

If you’d like to find out more about Edenvale or have specific questions, please contact our team. We’re here to help in your discovery of non-alcoholic wines! 

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