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The 10 essential, really useful baby shower gifts

Have family or a friend who is expecting a special new addition?

Then you will no doubt be getting an invite to a baby shower pretty soon. Deciding what baby shower gift to buy can be tricky - you want to get something special but also practical.

Practical is crucial when it comes to baby shower gifts for first time parents. Forget designer clothing, booties or cute beanies - the best items for a baby shower are the ones that they really use. Think nappies (lots of them), bedding and blankets, nappy bags, a thermometer, and of course some Edenvale for the expecting mum to add a little normalcy.

10 really useful baby shower gifts

If you need some inspiration here are 10 ever-so-useful items to shortlist for your next baby shower.

1. Digital, no-contact thermometer

The first time bubs gets a fever it can really freak new parents out - which makes having a reliable, accurate thermometer really important. Digital no-contact models are perfect as you don’t have to disturb the little one and you get a super accurate reading right down to the degree.

2. Gift cards for food delivery services

If you have never been a parent then be warned, it gets kind of busy taking care of a little helpless creature - no matter how cute they are. Time flies and you don’t always have time to get round to simple things - like making dinner for yourself. This is why any new parent will love the ease and convenience of a food delivery gift card. UberEats never tasted so good!

3. Nappy bag

Every modern mum should have a nappy bag - which is actually a more versatile multi-functional item than its name suggests. Features to look out for include a practical, easy-clean material, plenty of handy pockets/storage and easy access. Many nappy bags come with other useful accessories like a change mat, insulated bottle holder and discreet zippered pouch for those ‘used’ nappies.

4. Nappies (lots of them)

According to newbornbaby.com.au newborns can use anywhere from 8 to 12 nappies a day for the first six weeks, and around 6 to 8 until 6 to 9 months. You don’t need to be maths whizz to know that this is a lot of nappies - which is why a ute-sized consignment of nappies is a slightly underwhelming, but ever-so practical baby shower gift!

5. Baby monitor

Most new parents are - understandably - quite precious about their first born. You can put their minds at ease with a baby monitor, which depending on the model you buy can track every sound they utter, but fancier versions can even detect changes in their breathing movement, and trigger an alarm if anything untoward happens.

6. Bedding, blankets and swaddles

Bubs does a lot of sleeping in the first year of its life, so it is logical that bedding, blankets and swaddles will be a super useful and practical baby shower gift. Swaddles - which allow you to wrap up babies nice and snuggly are particularly good at ensuring they (and the parents) get a good night’s sleep - or at least a few decent hours!

7. Baby carrier

Baby carriers are a great hands-free gift that allows mum or dad to do more, like getting the shopping done, navigating a busy airport or even hiking. Having bubs so close also seems to calm them down, which makes this accessory a must-have for any baby shower gift list. There are different types, including slings, wraps and more traditional structured carriers - so read reviews online before you choose one as a gift.

8. Compact stroller

Here we are not talking about a pram, but its lightweight, stripped-down version. These are great to toss into the boot of your car or into the overhead locker on a flight. They should ideally fold up as small as possible, to give parents the flexibility to whip it out whenever and take it wherever.

9. Interactive playmat

Bubs spends a lot of time on their backs in the early weeks and months, which is where an interactive playmat comes in. These can entertain them for hours with sounds, colour and shapes - which all helps in their overall cognitive development. It is a sure fire winner as a gift as it will give tired parents a break for minutes, and hopefully hours.

10. A bottle or two of Edenvale...

Last but not least, how about a bottle to celebrate. Oh, wait - the advice is that you can’t drink if you are pregnant or breastfeeding? Well, with Edenvale wines you can! Our range is safe to drink for new and expecting mums because they only contain trace amounts of alcohol (<0.5%ABV). These alcohol levels are similar to those found in fresh fruit juices - so they can enjoy a glass or two with a meal and not have to worry. Priceless, we think :) Why not check out our special occasion packs for sharing the gift of Edenvale with family and friends? Our Baby Shower Gift Box is perfect if you are planning a baby shower for a family member, friend or even for yourself, and includes a mix & match pack of 6 Edenvale sparkling wine varietals, 40 printed invitations and envelopes, 40 printed thank you cards and envelopes, balloons and even some games!

Baby Shower Gift Box

Our Welcome to the World Gift Box is the perfect gift for proud parents on the arrival of their new baby! This pack is gender neutral, and contains a short sleeve baby bodysuit with printed message, baby milestone cards, a bottle of Edenvale Sparkling Cuvee or Sparkling Rose as well as other goodies.

Baby Shower Gift Box

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