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The ultimate guide to enjoying alcohol-removed wine (especially if you’re a newbie to the space!)

Every once in a while, wine lovers will find themselves having to be without their vino of choice.Whether it’s because you’re the designated driver, pregnant, taking a break from alcohol,

or simply partaking in a fundraising month, it can be hard to say no to your favourite glass of wine, especially in social settings.

Luckily, a social shift in alcohol consumption has meant that low-alcohol, alcohol-removed and alcohol-free options are on the rise. Thirty-one per cent of Australian consumers now buy no-alcohol products, and as the industry looks to service this growing audience, product innovation is helping to drive growth in the category. Volumes of no-alcohol beer/cider, wines, spirits and RTDs increased by approximately 60 per cent in 2022.

So, if you’re new to the space, here’s our guide to help you step into the realm of alcohol-removed wine!


Change your mindset and reserve judgement

If you go into tasting alcohol-removed wine with an open mind, you just might be surprised! Non-alcoholic wine has come a long way in the last few years! But alcohol-removed wine isn’t a new concept. Here in Australia, Edenvale has been leading the way since 2006.

Alcohol-removed wine is a category all of its own so don’t expect it to taste or feel exactly like your regular wine, or you could be disappointed. Taste it without expectations and it might surprise you.


Let it breathe

Just like traditional wine, alcohol-removed wine needs a bit of time to breathe to enhance its taste and aroma. Alcohol-removed wine is often made in the same way as regular wine. At Edenvale, we use the traditional methods of growing and harvesting the wine grapes, and fermenting and blending the alcoholic wine, before gently removing the alcohol at the end through spinning cone technology.


Consider using it as a base for non-alcoholic mixed drinks

If you find you don’t like drinking alcohol-removed wine on its own, it can make a great base for things like punch and mocktails. There are loads of great recipes out there suitable to cater to all requirements at your next party or to enjoy at home by yourself. For inspiration, check out some of our delicious mocktail recipes here.


Trial a few different varietals and find the ones you like

The first one you try may not always be to your liking. The simple answer to this is trial and error, and most liquor stores now have a dedicated No-Alcohol section with loads of options to choose from. Many brands, including Edenvale, are even available at your local supermarkets which makes it super convenient and affordable to pick up on your next grocery run.

So, while you try out all these helpful hints, keep an open mind remember it’s not going to taste the same as drinking wine with alcohol, because it's not the same. Keep an open mind and you will have some fun trying all the different varieties and making all your comparisons.

Our Edenvale range has 18 varietals to choose from, so there are lots of options to taste and test. While this may seem like a bit of a challenge, at least you’re not going to have a headache after!

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