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Top Occasions to Serve Our Alcohol-removed Wines

If you’re a non-drinker, taking a break from alcohol for any reason, or just seeking moderation, then any time is the right time to enjoy a glass of our delicious alcohol-removed wine varieties.

And with more and more people embracing a lower-alcohol or zero alcohol lifestyle, thoughtful hosts and hostesses will want to cater to those needs by serving an adult-style alcohol-removed alternative.

Let’s look at some of the top occasions when alcohol-removed wine should be on the menu.

Family Functions

Milestone birthdays, wedding anniversaries, christenings or naming celebrations, pre-wedding parties, Christmas and Easter gatherings – there are loads of occasions that bring family members of all ages together to toast a special event. Whether these are parties held at home or at an outside venue, it’s a great idea to ensure that a choice of alcohol-removed wines is on offer.

Perhaps Great Aunt Agatha finds that even a small tot of sherry makes her unsteady on her feet; or Uncle Peter can’t mix alcohol with his heart medication; or cousin David is a diabetic and watching his calories, carbs and sugar intake; or maybe Bella and Jason are trying to start a family and are both abstaining.

Whatever the reason, offering a selection of great-tasting, full-bodied alcohol-removed wines will ensure all your guests can feel included and catered for.

Our serving suggestion:

To kick things off, you can cater to all tastes with Edenvale Premium Reserve Blanc de Blanc - a sparkling white wine with white-peach flavours and notes of citrus, apricot, apple and complex oak. Or offer everyone’s perennial favourite and partner with food – an alcohol-removed Chardonnay. Edenvale Chardonnay is characterised by fresh fruit aromas, and flavours of stone fruits and hint of oak. And for anyone watching their nutrition, it contains just 113kj or 27 cal per serve.

Work Events

Whether the plan is to celebrate a big business success, conclude a conference over canapes, or foster esprit de corps by socialising over drinks on a Friday, alcohol is often involved at work events. These days though, it is a matter of both corporate and social responsibility to provide alcohol-free alternatives. Sure, soft drinks can be served. But work events – like corporate culture – are about inclusivity. Serving alcohol-removed wines alongside their alcoholic counterparts means everyone can enjoy connecting with colleagues and feeling they are part of the same team – without drawing attention to different drinking habits.

Our serving suggestion:

Pinot Gris is a very popular white wine style – and our Edenvale Pinot Gris has that same hallmark ‘Gris’ texture and fruity flavour. And, for a ‘red’, how about our Edenvale Premium Reserve Pinot Noir? This award-winner has flavours of perfectly ripe cherry and mulberry fruit for a clean, rounded, delightfully juicy finish. (Don’t forget there are some fantastic zero-alcohol beers on the market, too!)

Baby Showers

This one’s a no-brainer! Not just the pregnant guest of honour, but other guests, too, may be abstaining from alcohol for various reasons. Other new mums are likely to be among the attendees; they might be breast-feeding, or have toddlers in tow, or just be so tired that even half a glass of alcohol will send them to sleep standing-up! Serving alcohol-removed wines means the only thing guests will be missing out on is probably sleep!

Our serving suggestion:

Baby showers are a wonderful way to celebrate new life in the making – what better way to celebrate than with a glass of bubbles! Edenvale Sparkling Cuvee is a crisp, refreshing sparkling wine that’s perfect as an aperitif.

Any occasion that includes a Champagne Toast

Few times make a non-drinker feel more left out than raising a tumbler of cola or orange juice for a champagne toast! And that goes for folk who are just taking a break from alcohol, too. Treating your temporarily teetotal or always alcohol-abstaining guests to an alcohol-removed sparkling wine means they can happily raise their glasses with a terrific tipple.

Our serving suggestion:

Champagne Toasts are usually reserved for extra special events. Why not rise to the importance of the occasion by serving Edenvale Sparkling Cuvee Spanish, from our Expedition Collection? You’ll say “cheers” for this crisp, classic Spanish sparkling wine with fresh citrus and apricot aromas and refreshing tingle of acidity.

You can order Edenvale alcohol-removed wines to serve at your next social gathering directly via our online shop.

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