Why more people are choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle

Why more people are choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle

How many people do you know who don’t drink alcohol? Chances are you know a handful, maybe a friend, family member or colleague.

Why have they made this choice?

Chances are they decided alcohol can damage your health, especially if you have an unhealthy relationship with it. That doesn’t mean you have to be an alcoholic to give it up. The reality is more of us are turning away from alcohol as a healthy lifestyle choice and deciding that the disadvantages outweigh any possible benefits. And it's not just ‘regular’ folk who are opting out, a long list of Hollywood’s finest are teetotal, for a variety of reasons.

In 2017 not drinking is firmly in the mainstream.

Even celebs are going alcohol free

Yes, you know it is a trend when iconic celebrities skip the Moet. Some of the biggest stars like Kim Kardashian (too busy), J Lo (bad for your skin), Natalie Portman (lifestyle choice), David Beckham (lifestyle choice) and Keith Urban (recovering alcoholic) will all refuse a drink.

Fact is there are some very good reasons to join this growing club.

5 reasons to go alcohol free

Need some reasons to eliminate alcohol from your life? The benefits are significant, dare we say life changing, including:

1. You will sleep better

Ever struggled to sleep after you have had a late ‘nightcap’ or after a big night out? And while you may initially fall into a deep sleep, once the alcohol wears off chances are you will have a restless night. Alcohol stimulates brain activity, the very thing you don’t want when your body (and brain) needs to rest. Look forward to a good night's rest without alcohol in your bloodstream.

2. You will lose weight

Start to count the calories of every alcoholic drink you have and you will be surprised how quickly they add up. A beer (285ml) can have as much as 102 calories, while a standard glass of red or white wine (175ml) could have as much as 160 calories. If you like a large glass of wine (250ml) be prepared to welcome 228 calories into your body. Eliminate this from your life and you should begin to see the benefits.

3. You will smile more

While alcohol is generally associated with sociability and having a good time, it is actually a depressant. Depressants can affect your general mood and outlook on life, and not for the better either. In extreme cases, if you are abusing alcohol, it can even lead to mental illness. Remove it from your life and you will have more reasons to smile.

4. Your skin will shine

Alcohol dehydrates your body by making you urinate more often, which is bad for your skin. This can make the skin on your face look puffy, blotchy and red. Your skin needs to be hydrated to be moist and to retain its supple appearance. Say hello to a better complexion without alcohol.

5. You will be healthier

There is no doubt that alcohol puts a strain on your body, especially if you are a regular drinker. Your heart and liver are the main organs that take the strain, but your memory, coordination and cognitive ability also take a beating. Lay off and you have a better chance of being healthier. You might just even live longer :)

Why alcohol removed wine?

The good news is that if you miss the taste and aroma of wine, say with a meal, alcohol removed wine tastes great, has far fewer calories, is rich in antioxidants so doesn’t have all the harmful effects of regular wine. It is the best of both world’s really.

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