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Planning and choosing wines for your wedding

There is a lot to think about when it comes to planning and executing a wedding - everything from the seating plan, to the flowers and the wine.

Yes - don’t forget the wine. Your guests are expecting a day to remember, and that means good food and wine! Wedding venues have different rules around wine - some allow you to choose and supply your own, while others require you to select from their own range. At the very least, you should be able to choose the varietals for your guests - and you also need an idea on quantity, or how many bottles are needed per guest or table.

How much wine to buy for your wedding? There are a variety of theories out there regarding the amount of wine you need for a reception. Some say to budget for one bottle of wine per head over the evening, but we think this is a little conservative. Wine Folly uses a mathematical formula which we like: simply divide the number of guests by 2.15 to get a total number of bottles. So if you have 150 people coming to your wedding, divide this by 2.15 and you get 69.7 bottles - which we are going to round up to 70. You may also like to add a buffer of say 20 mixed bottles just in case. You can often take these home or get credit if they aren’t used.

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What kinds of wine to choose for your wedding? Wine Folly also has some interesting stats on what type of wine is consumed at weddings at different times of the year. People tend to drink more red wine in the cooler months and at indoor weddings, and more white in summer and at outdoor weddings. So use this information to plan your wedding wine list. When it comes down to choosing wines, take the time to look at your guest list and work out who the non-drinkers are - and order some of our range for them. You’ll also need to decide on a menu before ordering wine - so you can pair your wines accordingly. A Sparkling Blanc de Blanc is great for toasting, and pairs well with fish, like smoked salmon, as well as canapes and cheese. A Pinot Noir is great with duck, lighter cheeses, seared salmon or tuna, as well as roasted vegetables. Go for robust reds if you are serving roast meats, spicy dishes as well as cheese. For a summer wedding, a zesty white - like a Sauvignon Blanc - is great for warmer weather and pairing with lighter dishes like fish, as is a fresh, lively Sparkling Rosé. Looking for an non-alcoholic wine for your wedding? All our varietals are available online, or check availability at your local stockist. Selected products are available in the beverage aisle at these retailers:

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