The Summer of Less is More!

The Summer of Less is More!

How good is it to have summertime just around the corner.

If you are considering a lifestyle change - like getting outdoors more often, making exercise a priority, or reducing your alcohol intake, then we can help :) Choosing Edenvale - which has a lot less alcohol and calories than alcoholic wine - means you can get more from life.

Get more what?

Let’s take a look!

More taste

Worried that a non-alcoholic can’t stand up to the real thing when it comes to taste? It's a fair and important concern, and one that we continue to spend a lot of time refining - to make sure we deliver a real wine experience! First thing you should know is that we source our grapes from select vineyards across South Eastern Australia. Our winemaking team selects optimum parcels of fruit that display strong varietal definition to make sure you get the best possible taste experience.

Our wine also starts it’s life as a ‘real’ fermented wine - and our method of extracting the alcohol - using a state-of-art Spinning Cone Column - is designed to protect the delicate aromas for more taste!

More choice and variety

If you are thinking that you will be really limited with the choice of non-alcoholic wines on offer, think again. We have 11 wines across all the most popular varietals, and even have two distinct ranges. Our Classic range has eight distinct varietals while the Premium Reserve Range has three varietals.

For fans of reds, the Classic range has a Cab Sav and Shiraz, while those partial to a glass or two of white have a Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and a brand new Pinot Gris (launching soon so watch this space!) to choose from. This range also has a fruity Rosé, as well as a Sparkling Rosé and Sparkling Cuvee - for those partial to bubbles and good times. Opt for a bottle from the Premium Reserve Range - which use a slightly higher quality fruit, and you can choose from a ripe earthy Pinot Noir, a dark fruit flavoured Sparkling Shiraz or a peach-infused Sparkling Blanc de Blanc.

More (real) fun and laughter

Wine is often associated with fun, laughter and good times, right? Well, that may be true - but like many things there is a dark side to all that alcohol induced revelry. ‘Having a drink’ is generally associated with sociability and having a good time, but alcohol acts as a depressant on the human nervous system. Depressants can affect your general mood and outlook on life, and not for the better either. In extreme cases, particularly if you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, it can even lead to alcoholism and mental illness.

If you do have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, then our range of wines could help you make the transition to a healthier lifestyle - and ensure you have more ‘real’ fun and laughter.

More sleep, dreams and energy

Wine makes you sleep better? No - definitely not. People actually think a drink before bed can help you fall asleep, but the reverse is actually true. If you are consuming alcohol before bed it can actually disrupt your sleep patterns. This is because alcohol affects your circadian rhythms or internal body clock by suppressing the production of melatonin, a key regulator of your sleep cycle. Remove the alcohol from a drink - like we do - and this problem goes away! This translates into a better night’s sleep, sweeter dreams, and more energy!

Want more from your life? All our varietals are available to order online. Or you can check availability at your local stockist. Selected products are also available in the beverage aisle at these retailers:


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