Best wines for summer and what temperature to serve them at

Best wines for summer and what temperature to serve them at

We still have a bit more of the warmer weather to enjoy - the last day of Feb is the ‘official’ end of summer - so make sure you are drinking wines that suit the longer days and casual alfresco dining.

Just be sure to try serve each wine at the recommended temperature - this allows you to savour the flavour profile and unique character of each varietal. Serve red or white wines too cold and you hide their intrinsic flavours, while if they are too warm they taste flat. So, on a sunny day, we suggest you start with a chilled glass - or bottle - of Sauvignon Blanc. This varietal is all about summer, and often the first stop for when the mercury starts to rise. What can you expect? Dry, fresh, fruity flavours, with hints of capsicum, ripe gooseberry and herbaceous aromas, with that trademark straw green colour. Perfect with anything from fish, to salads, vegetables and bread - just make sure you stick it in the fridge beforehand. The optimum temperature for serving Sav Blanc is around 6°C - 8°C.

Edenvale Sauvignon blanc

Next, how about another classic - a delicate Australian Rosé, which goes together with summer like a pair of thongs or a trip to the beach. Our drop features summery berry fruit flavours and aromas of rose petals - and you may even taste a touch of redcurrant. To get the best out of your glass of Rosé, look to serve it at around 10°C - 12°C. If you prefer a white wine with more body, then an oaky Chardonnay should be top of your list. Ours is all about fresh fruit aromas, and flavours of melon, citrus and apple. Just the drop for accompanying a dish of fish or chicken. Chardonnay is best served at 10°C. And, if bubbles float your boat, then check out two varietals from our Premium Reserve range - the Sparkling Shiraz or the Sparkling Blanc de Blanc should do the trick. Anything with bubbles should be served cold - preferably at 5°C - 10°C.

Edenvale Sparkling Cuvee
And if you’re thinking that summer is all about white wine… well you’d be wrong. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wine - so try new varietals and broaden your horizons - or should that be your palate? The perfect red for summer is Pinot Noir, which is great with lighter cheeses, seared salmon or tuna, as well as roasted vegetables. Expect to taste ripe red and dark fruit with hints of earthiness as well as ripe sweet cherry and mulberry fruit. The optimum temperature for serving Pinot is around 10°C - 13°C. The Pinot Noir is part of our Premium Reserve range, together with our Sparkling Blanc de Blanc and Sparkling Shiraz. What makes these wines different? It all comes down to using the highest quality grapes and carefully blending them for a truly unique taste experience. On the shelf, you will notice they also look a little fancier than our Classic range, but still have half the calories of normal wine, taste great and are rich in antioxidants. Looking for a non-alcoholic wine to celebrate summer? All our varietals are available online. Or check availability at your local stockist. Selected products are available in the beverage aisle at these retailers:
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