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How to celebrate with your pregnant friends

We know that for health benefits, pregnant women should not consume alcohol. We give you tips on how to include your pregnant friends in your next celebration.

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life – an excitement shared by family and friends. But it can also have its challenges, particularly when it comes to social gatherings and the pressure to drink placed on some women.

Alcohol often goes hand in hand with socialisation and milestone celebrations. However, according to Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), when it comes to pregnancy, no safe level of alcohol consumption (not even trace amounts) has been identified at any stage.

Every woman and pregnancy is different, so there is no way to tell how an individual’s alcohol consumption will impact the health of an unborn child. So, for good reason, alcohol is usually the first thing most women give up when they discover they’re expecting, along with adopting many other healthy lifestyle measures.

While that may mean skipping the booze for the duration of pregnancy, the good news is, it doesn’t have to involve missing out on all the fun and celebrations altogether! These days, it is much easier for pregnant women to still feel connected and engaged socially thanks in part to the creation of alcohol-removed beverages such as Edenvale’s premium varieties. Now everyone can participate in all the excitement and festivities, while ensuring the health and safety of expectant mums and their babies.

Following are some simple and practical ideas for celebrating with your pregnant friends…

Go alcohol free

It may seem like an obvious one but having a supportive network of friends and family during pregnancy can help many women feel less isolated, especially in social situations where alcohol is likely to be involved. One way to be supportive is by not drinking around them.

It can be hard to celebrate without alcohol if everyone around you is consuming it, so using this opportunity to take a break from alcohol yourself and incorporating some healthier habits can make all the difference to a pregnant friend. A small gesture with a big impact.

If you’re planning a baby shower or get-together with friends, then offering alternative drink options is essential. We get that not everyone will want to swap their favourite alcoholic beverage of choice for a healthier version but having other options available means you’ll be accommodating all your guests – including the most important guest of all – the expectant mum to be.

Mocktails and more

Switch up the cocktails and try creating some refreshing mocktails instead. If you like the feeling of holding a fancy glass at a celebration, minus the booze, then mocktails are the perfect combination – something everyone can enjoy.

Get creative and make your own delicious blends using sparkling water, juice, fresh fruit and other nutritious ingredients. Add some alcohol-removed bubbles for good measure – Edenvale Sparkling Cuvee makes the perfect mocktail base.

For wine drinkers, replace your favourite red or white with a varietal of your choice; we recommend Edenvale Shiraz or Edenvale Chardonnay for crowd favourite sips. Enjoy the same taste and aromas of a nice drop without the actual alcoholic content.

Having baby-friendly drinks available will not only make the guest of honour feel comfortable but other partygoers as well.

Pregnancy-friendly gatherings

Think outside the square; suggest afternoon tea rather than cocktails or brunch instead of dinner. By organising social occasions where alcohol isn’t a feature, the temptation and pressure to drink is eliminated for both you and your pregnant friend.

Another good idea is to take celebrations outside (weather dependent) and plan a picnic at your local park – this is especially great for baby showers or birthdays. Pack the essentials: blankets, food, your favourite music and a bottle of our award-winning Edenvale Blanc De Blanc. Spending time outdoors or in nature can ease stress and promotes relaxation.

Whether it’s as simple as a lunch date in the park or creating fancy mocktails in your own backyard, there are many ways to celebrate the joy of pregnancy with friends.

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