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Wines to keep you warm this winter

As you hunker down for another winter season, you’ll need something to keep both your hands and your tastebuds busy on those chilly winter evenings as you await the arrival of Spring.

What better way to solve both quandaries than opening a bottle of quality wine and enjoying it with friends and family. After all, enjoying a glass or three of good wine while rugged up and warm is a sure-fire way to get through the winter months unscathed. The only question that remains is, “what wine will you be drinking this winter?”.


What wines should I drink in winter?

So, what are the best wines to drink over the winter months? Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not always red wine that’s favoured in winter. There are many white wine varietals, as well as other types of wines, that offer the perfect accompaniment on cold winter nights. Here are our four wine picks that should be at the top of your wine list in winter.


Many wine aficionados note that heavier and richer white wine varietals, such as Chardonnay, typically taste best when not chilled. This is because with a little warmth the true aromas of Chardonnay are revealed. To best enjoy a Chardonnay this winter, take it out of the fridge and leave it to rest on the kitchen bench to decant before drinking.

For your Chardonnay food pairing, anything seafood or chicken will go down a treat, including seafood with butter sauces, sage-butter chicken, and grilled and roasted salmon.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Sure, Cabernet Sauvignon is an obvious and easy wine to recommend for winter, but that’s because this layered and complex red wine varietal is a perfect companion on chilly nights. Cab Sav makes the perfect pairing for any winter dinner as well.

When enjoying a night with a bottle of Cab Sav, throw a juicy steak on the BBQ, or prepare one of the following: burgers, braised beef dishes, roast or grilled lamb, with a side of portobello mushrooms.


Shiraz is arguably Australian wine lovers’ favourite drop, and certainly the most popular red wine varietal in Australia. Its spice, fruit weight, and deep red colour provide all the comforts we need to keep us warm and get us through winter unscathed. Whether you prefer a richer bodied Shiraz over dinner, or a medium-bodied drop with your lunch, Shiraz is the red wine varietal that keeps us keeping on throughout even the drabbest of winters.

If Shiraz is your drop of choice on a winter night this year, try pairing it with aged hard cheeses like Gouda, barbecued or braised chicken, duck, or a roast leg of lamb.

Mulled wine

While not exclusively a winter wine, mulled wine’s enticing sweet and spicy blend of flavours and aromas are an utter delight in the winter months. This winter, if you’re craving a wine that warms the cockles and soothes the soul, you can’t go past a steaming glass of mulled wine.

Food pairings for mulled wine nights typically focus on Swedish dishes, as well as fondue, mince pies, and cheeses.

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Make it an Edenvale winter in 2021

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