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Is alcohol-free wine just grape juice?

If you tell someone that you drink non-alcoholic wine, they might be mistaken for thinking that it’s just grape juice.

Those who understand the complex process of making non-alcoholic wines will tell you that it’s a beverage that is crafted as carefully and as skilfully as premium alcoholic wines.

So how is non-alcoholic wine made and why is it different to grape juice?

Let’s look at how we make our alcohol-removed wines.

Edenvale wines are made by expert winemakers. The process involves making a wine with premium Australian grapes, then carefully removing the alcohol using a patented method that has been constantly perfected over a period of 20 years.

After the wine is created, it is fed into a custom-modified Spinning Cone Column where the rotation of the cones and the addition of wine vapours carefully extract the bouquet to be used later in the process.

The alcohol is then removed. In this step, using the same Spinning Cone Column, the alcohol is removed from the wine while the varietal flavours and aromas are retained. The process is brief and gentle.

Then, the original natural bouquet extracted earlier is added back to the de-alcoholised wine and expertly blended to return volume and refine the flavour.

The result is a range of wines that have the same full-bodied flavour of alcoholic wines, just without the alcohol.

Watch the video about Edenvale’s winemaking and alcohol-extraction process.

Grape juice, on the other hand, is made from liquified grapes which does not pass through a fermentation process. So of course, there is no need for the removal of alcohol.

Why drink alcohol-free wine?

Some people might question why you would drink alcohol-free wine. The fact that the category has grown significantly in recent years tells you that there must be very good reasons why people are enjoying wine without alcohol.

Many people enjoy the taste and feel of wine but prefer not to consume alcohol. Others might be undergoing a period of abstinence, such as women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Others simply want to make healthier choices.

By drinking non-alcoholic wine, you can reduce your blood pressure, reduce the risk of cancer, and avoid the short-term pitfalls that come with consuming too much alcohol such as reduced rational thinking and head soreness.

See more about the benefits of reducing your alcohol intake here.

Award-winning quality

Edenvale alcohol-removed wines have been crafted by expert winemakers and retain the taste of full-bodied wines.

As a testament to our expert winemakers and the fine quality of the wine they produce, Edenvale alcohol-removed wines have won many worldwide awards.

The most recent win was for our Sparkling Rosé, which won the Best Alcohol-Free Beverage in the 2022 Healthy Food Guide Awardswhich celebrate the most nutritious food products on supermarket shelves.

Other award-winning Edenvale wines include:

Clearly, wine without alcohol is not simply grape juice. It is a beverage for responsible and discerning adults who enjoy the fine taste of premium wine but choose to abstain from alcohol.

Explore the full range of premium Edenvale alcohol-removed wines, made with pride by expert winemakers. Order online here or visit your nearest stockist.

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