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Which wine do I pair with my next Uber Eats order?

Today we are ordering more meals through food delivery services than ever before – thanks in part to COVID, but also as we explore the diverse cultures and cuisines that call Australia home.

It’s amazing to know that you can have an exotic dish from Italy, Mexico, Vietnam, China, India, Taiwan, Japan or Thailand (and more) delivered to your home in under half an hour.

And what will you be drinking with your next order from Uber Eats or one of the other food delivery services? Pairing food with wine is not a random wine buff invention, it is actually based on science and will help you enjoy your meal and chosen drop.

Food/wine pairing 101

Without getting too technical, acidic white wines pair well with lighter meats, and heavier reds help to break through fatty foods. The easiest rule of thumb is to try to work out what the dominant taste of a dish is – salty, acid, sweet or fatty – and pair your wine accordingly. You can also use this list as a general guide, but please feel free to experiment also:

  • Big bodied reds (CabernetShiraz) pair well with red meats, hard cheeses and smoked meats
  • Medium bodied reds (Merlot) pair well with red meats, white meats and hard cheeses
  • Light bodied reds (Pinot Noir) pair well with fish, white meat and vegetables
  • Light dry whites (Sauvignon BlancPinot Gris) pair well with fish, vegetables and bread
  • Sweeter whites (Riesling, Chenin Blanc) pair well with soft and hard cheeses and sweet desserts
  • Heavy whites (Chardonnay) pair well with vegetables, breads, rich fish and white meat
  • Sparkling wines (Champagne, Cuvee) pair well with seafood, cheeses and bread

But back to your next Uber eats order, we have some suggestions for pairing our Edenvale alcohol-removed wines with popular takeout meals.

3 takeout meals and Edenvale wine pairings

Luckily we have a selection of 15 alcohol-removed varietals to choose from, meaning you will always be able to match the right wine with your favourite dish - no matter how exotic it may be.  


Thai food

Thai food is a takeout go-to for many Aussies, so if you are ordering in pad Thai, tom yum soup or a spicy curry you want to pair the right drop to cut through the signature spice and zing of Thai dishes.

Here we recommend pairing our alcohol-free our Pinot Gris which has a hint of fruitiness and just enough acidity to help counter the heat and oiliness of these dishes. With this vibrant and juicy drop you can expect the hallmark ‘Gris’ texture and mouth-watering flavours of ripe stone fruit, poached pear and apricot.  


Italian pizza

There are over a million Italian Australians (migrants or descendants - 2016 census) so no surprise that an already popular cuisine is widely available and a popular takeaway favourite. Beyond the perennially popular pizza, there are tons of pasta-based dishes like family favourites spaghetti bolognese, lasagne and carbonara - to name a few.

You can’t go far wrong with our Cabernet Sauvignon, which is the perfect drop to pair with most tomato-based sauces in popular pizza and pasta dishes. Expect a well-structured, smooth Cab Sauv with a deep red colour, intense blackcurrant, blackberry and cedar flavours, and a strong blueberry aroma. If you want a white, then look no further than our well balanced Chardonnay, which will complement a creamy risotto or pasta dish perfectly.  


Indian food

Craving a butter chicken, beef vindaloo, lamb korma or tandoori dish? Indian food is popular and for good reason - their distinctive aromas and flavours are derived from the exotic blend of spices, meaning you get rich, complex flavours and a fair amount of heat.

If you are savouring a meat curry then you will want to reach for our Shiraz, which is smooth with a ripe black cherry-scented aroma, and rich full flavours of dark plummy fruit and spice. If you want an alternative then our Premium Reserve Pinot Noir will do the trick, as will a glass of our de-alcoholised Rosé which has just the right balance of fruitiness and acid crispness to complement Indian dishes.

We hope this will come in handy the next time you use a food delivery service.

Looking for a drop to complement your next takeout? All our varietals are available online. Or check availability at your local stockist. Selected products are available in the beverage aisle at these retailers:


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