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Food pairing with Aussie iconic foods

With a great variety of iconic Aussie foods available, it’s good to know which wines complement your meal. Check our guide for the wines that pair perfectly with your favourite Aussie bite.

Pairing the best wine with iconic Aussie foods

When it comes to iconic Aussie foods, our tastes are wide and varied. From a humble meat pie to a sumptuous seafood platter, there’s an Aussie food for every occasion. And for every iconic Aussie food, there are quality Australian-made wines to go with it.

Edenvale has a great range of wines that not only taste great, but as they’re alcohol-removed, you can enjoy your meal without having to cope with the negative effects of alcohol.

Below, we’ve given you some favourite iconic Aussie foods and our recommendations of wines to go with them.

Meat pie and sausage roll

Everyone loves the good old Aussie meat pie and sausage roll. It’s as though they were made for watching sport. The salty meat flavours, the flaky pastry and tomato sauce toppings pair well with Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. If you’re celebrating outdoors, try the Aperitivo Spritz, which is available from Edenvale in convenient slimline cans.

Cabernet Sauvignon wine


Pineapple? Beetroot? Egg? Bacon? The debate over what does and does not go in a hamburger will never end. No matter what you like on your burger, pair it with ShirazCabernet SauvignonSparkling Shiraz or a refreshing can of Aperitivo Spritz.

Chicken Parmigiana

It’s interesting how dishes that originated overseas have become embedded in our culture and adopted as Aussie cuisine. The chicken parmigiana is a great example, and there are plenty of wine options to go with it, so you can match the wine to your personal taste. Try it with whites such as Sparkling CuveeChardonnaySauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris, or a light red like Pinot Noir.

Steak and Lamb

Red meats are perennial Aussie favourites. And it’s no wonder. Australian meat is so good it’s renowned around the world. Steak is easy to cook and delicious to eat. Lamb is a deceptively versatile meat, but most Aussies enjoy grilled cutlets or a juicy roasted leg of lamb. Steak and lamb both pair well with good reds, such as Pinot NoirShirazCabernet Sauvignon or Edenvale Expedition Series Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon.


Native to Australia, barramundi is the fish of choice for many diners around the country. With its mild flavour and low fat content, it’s delicious grilled or barbecued. Pair barramundi with Sauvignon BlancPinot Gris or Rosé.


Fresh oysters, once considered a delicacy, are in abundance in the clean waters of Australia. Pair oysters au natural with Sparkling CuveeSauvignon BlancPink Moscato or Blanc de Blanc. If you’re enjoying oysters on a picnic, take along some chilled slimline cans of Edenvale Sparkling Cuvee.

Sparkling Cuvee


Get some red prawns for a salad or throw some fresh green prawns on the barbie for a delicious weekend lunch. Pair your prawns with Sparkling CuveeSparkling RoséSauvignon BlancChardonnayPink MoscatoBlanc de Blanc or Sparkling Shiraz.

Pavlova and lamingtons

For dessert or afternoon tea, make sure you have pavlova or lamingtons for a truly sweet Aussie experience. Pair them with Sparkling CuveeSparkling RoséPink Moscato or Sparkling Shiraz.

Fresh fruit

In Australia, we are spoilt for choice of delicious fresh fruit, which can be eaten as it is, in a fruit salad or on a platter. Pair your fruit with Sparkling Cuvee, in the bottle or can,Sparkling RoséRosé or Sparkling Shiraz.

Aussie cheeses

There are many great Australian producers of hard and soft cheeses. It’s just a matter of finding your favourite. With soft cheeses, try Sparkling RoséChardonnayRoséBlanc de Blanc or Aperitivo Spritz in a can. For hard cheeses, try Sauvignon BlancShirazCabernet SauvignonPinot Noir or Aperitivo Spritz in a can.

Edenvale wine

There are many more iconic Aussie foods, and no matter what you’re enjoying, you’ll find a great Edenvale alcohol-removed wine that will pair with it. If you’re not sure what goes best with your Aussie food, simply let us know using the Question space below.

Bon appétit!

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